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Sunday, April 3, 2016

New life in the garden

Well, one of the newly planted asparagus has finally come through the soil. It's no thicker than a toothpick, but I'm thrilled. Hopefully the other 19 will come through soon and I'll be able to slowly fill in the channel so I can make another new bed next to them for tomatoes in another month.

My few Gigantica San Marzano tomato seeds sprouted so I got those in a peat pot, and took my other larger seedlings outdoors on the back porch for the day.

The only other garden chore I did today was hand watering all the things I dug up and moved yesterday as well as  the broccoli and brussel sprouts starts I also planted yesterday.

The garden is pretty well set. If I want to plant anything more, like the heirloom Desire rose that arrived in the mail yesterday, I will have to dig up some of the herbs in the garden right behind the house and move them to the Secret garden.

If we don't get rain tomorrow morning or early afternoon, I'll plant that rose and transplant the things I dug up the other day and what I'll have to dig up tomorrow.

Yesterday and today I pulled out some of my old ceramic and other larger planters that I had behind the tool shed. I'm going to need the two largest ones for two of my new artichoke seedlings, and probably use some of the others for a couple of the San Marzano tomatoes and maybe one of the slightly smaller ones for a pepper plant.

This April forecast shows our S. Oregon weather changing faster than Texas weather. We went from 50's to the 70's, then 60's and by Wednesday and Thursday it's going to be in the mid 80's for two days and then back down again. At least we're not getting the flooding, and snow or tornadoes that they've been dealing with in other parts of the country.