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Saturday, May 7, 2016

My garden is in limbo

About a week after my last blog post I was in a bad car accident. The car and I are fixable, but the car will be fixed long before my shattered leg will be.

I'm facing 2 1/2 more months of physical therapy and this heavy brace which is meant to keep the metal plate and screws in place while my leg with it plateau tibia fracture heals.

Since I am not able to put any weight on this broken leg, the best I can do is hop short distances with the help of a walker. Needless to say, not only can't I do any gardening, I can't even go in my garden until mid July at the earliest.

Friends are harvesting some of my spring planted veggies but my garden is pretty much going to be a bust this summer. At least I did get to fully plant the new perennial bed and create the raised beds in the secret veggie garden and get them all pretty well planted with lots of cool weather veggies, strawberries, raspberries and some asparagus.

 Unfortunately the plants I was on the way home with from the nursery the day of the accident, had to be given away to friends. There were mostly annuals and some shade perennials that there was no way for me to plant.

So now all I can do is dream of my garden, which curiously, I've been doing! LOL Hopefully I will be able to plant some fall crops depending on how the leg heals and the doctors instructions.

Hope everyone else's gardens are doing well!