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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Yesterday was a marathon plant buying day and today It's been another marathon day of planting, and other garden chores. All but two of my larger tomatoes are planted, (Planting 7 this year) as well as the serrano chiles, sweet roasting peppers and bell peppers, my lone Eggplant, cantaloupe, parsley and basil.. I also got two hanging planters and a wall planter cleaned out and planted.

The early planted lettuce is ready for harvest, snow peas are looking good broccoli and the spinach are doing well.

After lunch I put my bean seeds on damp hand towel paper and in a baggie for a few days till they sprout. The bean tower is in place and the soil turned over and amended.. There is still some kale, summer squash,carrots a couple of herbs and a lot of flowers to plant.

A while ago I planted some snow peas,cilantro, lettuce, spinach, scallions,and brocccoli and the leaf lettuce is now ready for harvest and everything else is doing well. Most of it is planted in my large raised bed, using the square foot gardening method again.

If I can still walk after dinner I might get out and move some things out of two large planters I want to use for those two large beefsteak tomato plants, and put some new soil in there so I can plant those last two big tomatoes tomorrow.

The last couple of days I've bought a lot of flowers - some for planters and some to add to a recently enlarged flower bed, and and a couple more herbs and veggie starts, so there's still a large amount of planting still to do in this heavy, rocky soil. The weather looks good for the rest of the week, so if my back holds out I will be able to get a lot done in the next few days.

It looks like most things did well over the winter except a jasmine that didn't make it. My other jasmines in large pots always seem to do well, but some of the jasmine varieties can't take our cold winters. If I decide to buy another one of those, it will go into a pot and get moved to the garage or hour for over wintering. Meantime, I have a nice, new gallon of a Nelly Moser clematis to plant in that spot.

Hope everyone is enjoying some good gardening weather now.