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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I had to check some things in my veggie garden before I headed out at 8am for the Farmers market, and I decided to check my garlic, so I pulled a couple of bulbs and it's ready. I'll have to get the rest later, because parking at the Farmers market is at a premium. Even getting there before it opens, I had to park a few blocks away!

Some of my favorite growers were there and I got 3 gorgeous, one gallon Phloxes - one intense, deep, magentaish pink and two pale pink and white combinations. They look great together. I was also happy to find a one gallon pineapple sage. The hummingbirds love those bright red flowers and since my flower garden is most pinks, purples and lavenders, I like to have one or two bright red and cool yellow things among all those pinks and lavenders to keep it from looking monotonous.

I also found the white gaura that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. So now I'll  have a pink one and a white one.

After pulling out all those big, volunteer oregano plants in my flower bed, as well as some other things, I needed to find some two or three foot perennials to fill those spots.

One of the vendors at the market sells tiny veggie starts - 6 for $2.50. Since this big heat wave, most of my cool weather crops have gone to seed and I've pulled most of them. So I was able to get several new lettuce, arugula, cilantro, swiss chard and escarole starts. He also had a very different, pretty colored zinnia, which is a cross between pink and orange, and I got a couple of those to fill in a spot at the front of the flower bed.

My cherry pink zinnias that I started from seed are a long way from flowering. Next year I won't bother starting my own since I just don't have a special room to set up my grow lights in this new house, and I have since found two nurseries in the valley that sell them.

My tiny blueberry plants are producing and I had 2 hand full sized harvest from one of them early his morning. After seeing how many are on that tiny plant, I starting to wonder why I planted four blueberry plants for one person! LOL I'm sure as they get bigger  won't have any trouble finding takers for them! LOL

That's it for today. Time to think about some lunch and then a nap. After such a busy, running around morning in the heat, I'll be ready for a nap right after lunch!