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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Check out my friend Lora's blog today. She takes you on a tour of one of the most amazing food shops you'll ever see in Munich, Germany. Enjoy!

A lot has gone on since my last post. Over two months ago I had surgery to repair a really bad paraesophageal hernia and was in the hospital 5 days and am just starting to feel like my old self ten weeks later.  Fortunately my physical activity was only limited to heavy work and bending (it's not easy bending over with an 8 or 9" scar from your solar plexus down to below your navel), so I've been able to get a lot of time doing sitting and standing  chores which meant cooking and computer work. There was no garden time except to harvest veggies and plant some seeds in my raised veggie beds. Doctors orders were strict - no studio work, bending or heavy lifting for 8 weeks.

The past couple of weeks I've been back in my pottery studio a bit, but the heavy lifting of those slip and glaze buckets is not going over well, so I'm spending more time on my computer and in the kitchen.

After breakfast yesterday I made a nutty fruity breakfast bread. I got the recipe on the King Arthur site and it's our favorite breakfast bread . Since I had pottery related chores in the afternoon, I decided to make dinner early. It was a cold, rainy morning and a pot of hearty Tuscan bean, sausage, escarole, potato and carrot soup seemed like a good choice. I only made 1/3 or the recipe and that's enough for two meals for the two of us.

My husband celebrated his 80th birthday Saturday and we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant  in Talent - Sammy's Cowboy bistro. It's a very upscale establishment, and not like the name implies. and we had a fabulous dinner, as always. The chef sent out an amuse bouche of pate on dark German bread that was delicious and very filling. It wasn't a typical, tiny amuse bouche. We both ordered the house smoked salmon on top of a potato pancake which was also delicious. They made their own bread so I had a small piece of that when we first sat down, so by the time our duck breast entree arrived with the veggies and cheese gnocchi, I was pretty full and wound up taking most of my entree home for the next day, so I could save a bit of room for the cinnamon ice cream dessert. It was an eating day and it was fun; but we don't want to make a habit of that!  We are sure that the good wines helped to cut the cholesterol a bit. :-)

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