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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Ooni oven arrived and is put together

The oven arrived a few days ago and I had no trouble putting it together. I swear, it took longer to unpack all the parts than it took to assemble it. But our weather has been horrible since it arrived, so pizza making will wait a bit. Plus, I still have to get a table for it.

Bi-Mart had a sale on the perfect sized, folding table with adjustable height legs, but after driving a half hour to buy one, they were sold out. So I got a rain check and will have to keep calling and go back when they get more in.

Meantime the bad weather continues. This morning it was below freezing, and alternating between rain and snow and at times a mixture of both. But I spent some time with the pizza calculator at, and printed out a Neapolitan dough recipe for 1, 2 and 3, 10? pizzas using the same bakers percentages. I'll probably make enough dough for 2 for the maiden firing.

I also found some you tube videos to watch made by some owners of this Ooni 3 model. It looks pretty straightforward as to how to get it started. The trick with baking the pizza will be to turn it about every 20 seconds which involves having to remove the door; but since it only takes about a minute or so to bake, that shouldn't be a problem.

Now I want to research a recipe using my Ischia starter.

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