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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Sour Dough starter and new Ooni wood burning pizza oven

I was up refreshing 3 jars of sourdough starter at 6am this morning. It's a rainy day with more cold, wet, and maybe snowy days his coming week, so it's a good time for thinking about making breads and soups.

This week I bit the bullet and ordered a small pizza oven. It's the Ooni, which can get up to 932 degrees F, and can be fueled either with wood pellets or gas. I opted for the wood pellet version, figuring that I could always buy the gas burner attachment at a later date; but frankly, for the once or twice a week at most, I might make pizza, I think the wood pellets would work fine. Plus, I think they might impart some extra flavor to the pies. Also, I have a 500,000 BTU weed burning torch that I've used to fire a small raku kiln, and I should be able to use that to fire this little kiln if I had to.

It enroute and  should arrive sometime next week. I've already purchased a 25 lb bag of mixed wood pellets for it. Now I just have to figure where I will put it. It needs to be on a wood or metal surface, The unit only weight 25 lbs. I can temporarily put it on my outdoor wood table until I can find some kind of used wood or metal table of appropriate size for it.

It takes less than a half hour to get the oven up to temperature and only 6o seconds to bake a pizza. The unit can also be used to cook steaks and their other, larger unit, can be used for roasting larger cuts of meat, making stews, etc.

I'll have to put it together, but that shouldn't be a problem from the look of it.

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