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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pizza and Margarita night

This is the first pizza I've made in a couple of months. This one has my home made sauce, mozzarella cheese with a sprinkling of fresh grated pecorino romano on top of the mozzarella before baking and a light sprinkling after the bake. It also has thin sliced fresh mushrooms, rings of fresh, golden bell peppers, a sprinkling of pepperonici dried pepper flakes and a light drizzling of olive oil.

We had a few hard freezes  for a couple of nights and have had a couple of mornings with freezing fog. The sun came out this afternoon and if I didn't have a prior commitment, I would have gotten out front and planted the remaining small bag of Siberian irises. Maybe I can do that tomorrow if weather permits. The small area for them is already prepared so planting won't take long as long as the soil isn't frozen.

All my Christmas decorations are up, other than a fresh evergreen arrangement for the living room table, which I should get to this week. Our local garden center says that they now have fresh greens for sale, so I'll be getting some in the next day or so and be making the arrangement over the weekend.

I'm not going to be baking regular Christmas cookies this year; but  if my back is OK, I might mae some Chruschiki which are part of my family's Christmas tradition. These, at least how my family made them, are not commercially available, so if I want some I will have to make them. A few years ago I saw a video on you tube of some ladies using a hand operated pasta machine  to roll out the dough, and since ever then I;ve been doing the same thing which make the process a lot less stressful as well as faster on this old body. I'll be 79 in about two weeks and it was getting harder every year to roll out that hard dough for a few hours.

Well, time for a Christmas movie, a bit of yoga, meditation and lights out.

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