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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Morning seed starting and garden in the afternoon and resident skunk problem

Started planting some indoor seeds of basil, hollyhocks and some perennials for the endangered Monarch butterflies right after breakfast this morning. Those need 3 days in 60F temps, and then a month or more in the fridge. I've never started those from seeds, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. If it doesn't work, maybe the local farmers market will have some this season.

Then I got some pinto beans soaking for tomorrow night's bean and cornbread dinner,.

It's going to be 60F by two o'clock this afternoon, so I'll be in the garden by 1:30 to continue digging trenches to plant the remaining asparagus plants. There are also some pink lily bulbs and violas to plant today.

My raised beds need to get extended but I can't do that until I get my earth boxes moved, and before I can move them myself, I have to remove some of the soil and replace it with fresh potting soil after I move them.

Right now I have to call the Amazon seller who I bought a new compost bin from, because the package was missing the clips so I can set that up. I have two buckets of kitchen waste ready to go in there now! Actually, they were ready to go in there two days ago, but I've been holding back because of the skunk who's been hanging around the past couple of nights, and I don't want to put that stuff in my old compost pile where he can easily get to it and have a reason to hang around here even longer.

I read the other day that they don't like moth balls and will avoid areas with them, and since this is the time of year they're looking for places to have and raise their young, I'll be  buying a lot of moth balls tomorrow!

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