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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Seed starting chart

Link to seed starting chart from Dept of agriculture NC edu

This is a handy chart to use this time of year. I've already gotten most of my seeds sorted and just need to make my gardening calendar, as to when I need to plant them indoors.

My little artichokes are now about four inches tall, and I gave them their first meal of weak (1/4 strength), fish fertilizer this week.

Yesterday was a heavy gardening, moving soil and removing big roots day. I got my two blueberry plants dug up and re-planted, extended one of my strawberry raised beds a bit and planting a few more strawberries. I also finished planting most of the perennials I had on hand.

The job that caused the current stabbing pain in my back, was moving a lot of soil to lower and level the ground next to the entrance to my secret garden, so I could move on of the very large ceramic pots that flank both side of the entrance gate into the garden.

Digging and shoveling the soil was the easy part, cutting out large roots, some over 1 1/2 inches is what did in my back. Even a long soaking bath with epsom salts and sea salt didn't help, but the Tylenol extra strength seems to be helping a bit.

Moving the pot after I got the soil, roots and rocks removed probably contributed to my painful back today; but the job is done and this rainy day is giving me a day to rest it.

The only thing I harvested yesterday was some Italian parsley for my linguine with clam sauce dinner. I have some over wintered escarole that I should use this week to make my bean, sausage and escarole soup. These cool, rainy days are perfect for soup.

So today I'll do laundry, catch up with snail and email, and a couple of days of newspapers, and try to see if I can edit my soap making video. 

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